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It’s such a simple thing, but I am amazed how many software developers fail to create a weekly report each week detailing out what they worked on during the week and giving summaries of progress and any potential issues.
-- John Sonmez in "A Software Developer’s Guide to Dealing With Your Boss"

I agree with John. Communication about your work is one of those soft skills that makes a huge difference in your career. Too many folks treat status reports as a chore. Treat them as an opportunity.

  • Highlight the business impact of your work
  • Give kudos and thanks to raise the whole team up
  • If there are problems holding up your work, present solutions

This Google Doc is ready to go and help your create value out of status reporting chore. Click the button. Make a copy.


So What, Exactly, Is Lead SV?

I'm Jakob, and I created Lead SV to train technical leaders and engineering managers. I got sick of generic leadership seminars, trust falls, and consultants talking about "color energies," whatever those are. I roll up my sleeves, sit down with the team, and figure out what training teams actually need. Then we build that.

If you feel like you've never had a good training or just want to say hi, I'd love to hear from you.

-- jakob
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