Meet the Team

Jakob Heuser

Jakob Heuser

Owner, Consultant

Jakob has a masters in Instructional Design, an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, and over 15 years leading humans in both technical and management roles. He loves the intersection of humans and engineering and the challenges that emerge from that relationship. He is a champion for human-centered instruction.

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Clara (from ClaraLabs)

Clara Tyler

AI, Administrative

There's way too much work to be done for any one person, so if you see Clara CCed on an email, don't worry! Clara Tyler is a human in the loop assistant to help with scheduling meetings and fielding requests, built by the amazing folks at Clara Labs.

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Why Training Matters

What does it cost to lose an employee

The Cost of Attrition

Coming from a background in engineering, I can show you just how much it will cost to lose an engineer.

A Gallup poll found that a staggering 87% of millennials rate "professional or career growth and development opportunities" as most important to them in a job. Yet in that same poll, less than 15 percent of all employees surveyed had received useful training or development opportunities in the last 30 days.

If you're just looking to check the "I offered training" box, I can recommend a few excellent systems, coaches, and technical trainers that will meet your request.

But if you are interested in making a meaningful difference, you should commit to custom training. Custom training is like having your own in-house Learning & Development group focused exclusively on your needs. When we work together, we're going to figure out what your employees actually need, and then focus on building that.

That's the heart and soul of the work I do here at Lead SV. In-depth engagements that focus on the employee to get the outcomes and results we want.

Working With Jakob

As a leader, I've waded through the muck and mire of vendors, trainers, and consultants. I believe in long-term relationships with folks, so I took a simple approach to my work.

My Guarantee to You
We'll keep working together until we reach our goals.
During the first 30 days, if you decide for any reason our engagement isn't working, I'll refund you in full.

Why Work With Jakob?

  • I bring together instruction and engineering under one discipline for training your engineering & engineering leadership team
  • I've built and trained successful engineering teams at top consumer internet companies (LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc)
  • Human-centered instruction is a unique process I champion that brings together Design Thinking and Instructional Design
  • You'll work directly with me, no matter if you're an engineering leader, an People Operations professional, or founder


  • I believe that face-to-face communication is an essential part of instruction. Time working in your office and with your team will be built into our plans
  • An essential part of my work is also training your team to conduct any training we create after our engagement
  • You'll know upfront what the financial investment will be before any work begins
  • Any project fees are due upfront. This way, I'm not pressuring you to sign off on things prematurely

So, Are We a Good Fit?

  • Has your company grown beyond the first 40 employees?
  • Do you want to develop and retain top talent?
  • Do you share in the responsibility of a successful team?

If yes, and you like the way I approach instruction, then I think we'd work great together. I'm passionate about helping both engineering organizations and the teams they impact.