Get the Content: Check Your Email

I sent an email over with a link to the content. Assuming the Internet is swift today, it might even be there before you're done reading this page. One thing I've included in the email is the option to join the Lead SV List. It's a mailing list with more great content, just like this, but delivered straight to your inbox. I don't send emails I wouldn't want myself, so I hope you'll join. Here's a sample from my List exclusive on tools for creating more time in our days:

As an engineering leader, we still have emails, no matter how great Slack is. But when you send an email after hours, you're making it clear to your team that you don't value their time outside of the office. This is fixable with a feature called "Scheduled Emails", which Outlook users have enjoyed for quite some time. Folks on Gmail and Apple's ecosystem have been left in the cold...
-- jakob

PS. If you just want to get the content and get back to solving your team's problems, I also understand. There's a link at the bottom of the email to do just that.