An Email to Look Forward to

Team development takes time. The Lead SV Mailing List is an email-only 5 minutes read of useful content every week. It doesn't matter if you're a leader, aspiring leader, or just an engineer who cares about their team. Keep reading to see what I cover on the list and why these emails are always so welcomed.

The Best & Exclusive Content

I believe that my best work deserves to be in the newsletters. The idea is that since you've entrusted me with your email, I want to treat that with the utmost respect. That means every email I send out is something I would want to receive.

  • Insights are things that would eventually show up on the blog, but I'd rather personally share it with you first, where we can have a private conversation about the topic
  • The Moment is a bi-weekly email that centers on a single facet of leading teams. It's lightweight, full of resources, and includes a prompt to get you thinking
  • Candid Thoughts are sent when big news breaks in the world of engineering or it's leadership, and I'll share my personal thoughts with you all

Hit Reply Anytime

Unlike a lot of mailing lists, I set this list up so that you can hit "reply" to any email and contact me directly. You can talk to me any time, about anything. It's why I love doing this. I look forward to hearing from you!

Sound good?