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Advocating for the Team - Foundations of Leadership

Advocating for the team ensures visibility into the team’s work through thoughtful and intentional sharing of impact, objectives, and issues. This visibility pays back dividends to the team in recognition, opportunity, and development. For any team, its leaders serve as the team’s principal advocates and champions. They are frequently the conduit that carries information to the organization about the team’s work and its impact.

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Effective 1:1s - Foundations of Leadership

One on ones (1:1s) are the most critical meeting of your week as a leader. These 2-person meetings between you and another employee create opportunities to coach, mentor, and grow for both individuals. While I may use the term "manager" and "employee" for simplicity in this post, you can and should be willing to substitute the two roles for any relationship in which a 1:1 conversation is happening.

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