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Talent will be the thing that takes your team from great to amazing.

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As a leader, I've been there

I know firsthand that the current state of training doesn't go far enough. I've watched the problems created when poor leadership is directly responsible for a company's top performers. I've seen retention numbers at companies plummet because developing people was an afterthought.

It's worse if you ask anyone who's built engineering teams. Companies struggle to keep up with their hiring demands as is, without the additional burden of losing their most expensive talent.

Talent is an irreplaceable advantage. After more than a decade of building high performing teams, I decided to bring to bear my full experience of training and leading engineering organizations to a new purpose: help companies at any size embrace customized Learning & Development.

Zack Argyle
"Everyone knew that Jakob cared and was working for your best interest. Engineers I now manage point to him as a beacon of how they want me to be." Zach Argyle Engineering Manager, Pinterest

Optimized for your team

The generic training you've been subjected to sucks because it was optimized for the instructor, not the learner. I'm on a mission to change the way we develop our organizations.

With a Master's in Instructional Design, I chose to focus on the what, why, and how of instruction and adult learning. There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to training, and there never will be.

This is because great instruction is relevant, real, and repeatable. It's based on employee needs, it uses your company as the backdrop, and people beyond the instructor can teach it again.

This learner-first philosophy called human-centered instruction, and it's the better alternative to leadership seminars, generic workshops, and gimmicky video courses.

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Marc Oehlman
"Jakob's work with students embodied the professionalism needed in education." Marc Oehlman Director for the Center of Academic Technologies

Make talent your priority

In a recent report, PwC found that employees rank training and development as the single most important benefit their company can provide. However, few companies have the resources to address this need. Working together, we'll build that personalized answer for your team.

You'll see improved retention because your leadership team learns how to develop top talent.

You'll see improved velocity because your team builds stronger bonds with one another.

You'll see that your organization is more satisfied, more engaged, and more committed to your company's success.

Scott Schlegel
"In the end it was the exact shot in the arm our team needed to level up." Scott Schlegel VP of Engineering, Nav Technologies

You're the reason people stay

I'd like to hear about your team and the challenges you're working on. Let's chat and I can share with you some of the things I've learned about building a healthy organization.