Jakob Heuser

Jakob Heuser

Let's get right to the good stuff!

Hopefully you've come away inspired and ready to invest in your talent. Everything we talked about today is based on a principle called "human-centered instruction." It's a way to make training, development, and learning way more effective.

I've got a few more links below in case you want to grab some time and talk about how we can prepare your company for the generation that values development over salary. Again, a huge thank you to Omar for having me on as an instructor, and you for wanting to help every employee love lifelong learning.


It's Time to Develop Your Team

I've been helping engineering organizations make talent a number one priority for over a decade. If you're ready to build out or amp up your Learning & Development efforts, get in touch.

Jakob Teaching

Start Small With HCN

Human-centered instruction is the method I use to build better instruction. It puts the learner first and can make a huge difference in your training, workshops, and offsites.

Temperature Check

Take the free L&D assessment I built for listeners based on the same questions I ask clients to discover their strengths. It'll take you about the time it takes to go get your next cup of coffee.