Jakob Heuser

Jakob Heuser

First off, if you’re just coming by for the 10 “Personal Development Day” ideas, here you go!

And if you’re still here reading, awesome. I'm on a mission to help every employee at every company love lifelong learning.

Whether it's the concept of human-centered instruction, how we create our next leaders through training, building offsites that people actually want to attend, or something else entirely, I'm glad you're here.

I've put together a few of the resources we talked about on the podcast down below. Book some time to chat, and let's make your training program a competitive advantage.


It's Time to Develop Your Team

I've been helping organizations make talent a number one priority for over a decade. If you're ready to build out or amp up your Learning & Development efforts, get in touch.

Jakob Teaching

Human Centered Instruction

Maybe you’ve already got something, and it just needs some tweaks. Before you commit whole-hog to a consultant, why not grab some time to learn about how you can adapt what you’ve got to make it that much better? Human-centered instruction puts the learner first and can make a huge difference in your L&D programs. You can totally bend my ear for free.

Temperature Check

Not sure if what you’ve got is getting the results you want? Take the free L&D assessment I built for listeners based on the same questions I ask my clients in order to discover their strengths. It'll take you about the time it takes to go get your next cup of coffee.