Jakob Heuser

Jakob Heuser

Hey, thanks for listening and taking the time to follow the link from the podcast. I'm on a mission to help every employee at every company love lifelong learning.

Whether it's the concept of human-centered instruction, how we create our next leaders through training, building offsites that people actually want to attend, or something else entirely, I'm glad you're here.

I've put together a few of the resources we talked about on the podcast down below. Book some time to chat, and let's make your training program a competitive advantage.


It's Time to Develop Your Team

I've been helping organizations make talent a number one priority for over a decade. If you're ready to build out or amp up your Learning & Development efforts, get in touch.

Jakob Teaching

Start With People

If you’re not ready to go all-in on developing the team, you might just need to understand where your employees are going with their career. Reach out, and I can help your employees flex those career building skills. Short on time? I can probably help you get the data you need to start making adjustments.

Temperature Check

Already got something? Great! Is it doing what it needs to? I’ve got a free (actually free, no mailing lists, no catch) L&D assessment you can go through. It uses many of the same questions that we’d use in-person with your team. It'll take you about the time it takes to go get your next cup of coffee.