Jakob Heuser

Jakob Heuser

You're one of those people who either (A) reads show notes or (B) can hold a URL in your head for your entire commute. Either way, you're incredibly awesome. Thank you for coming here. I'm on a mission to help every employee at every company love lifelong learning.

As an engineer, that means I'm solving at least one part of that problem with code. As a manager, I'm solving the other half with humans. Sometimes, we're building Learning & Development programs from scratch. Other times, I'm representing us engineers in a room full of HR folks making sure we get the training we need to be successful.

If you're up for it, let's chat. I'd love to talk to you about how we can improve your existing training, start something new like an onboarding program, or just assess how badly folks want to be learning on the job.

Nobody deserves sucky training, so here's your chance to do something about it.


It's Time to Develop Your Team

I've been helping engineering organizations make talent a number one priority for over a decade. If you're ready to build out or amp up your Learning & Development efforts, get in touch.

Jakob Teaching

Start Small With HCN

Human-centered instruction is the method I use to build better instruction. We can always start small, put the learner first and make a huge difference in your existing training, workshops, and offsites.

Temperature Check

Not sure how good you've got it? Take the free L&D assessment I built for listeners based on the same questions I ask clients when uncovering challenges in their development programs. It'll take you about the time it takes to go get your next cup of coffee.