This page requires several customizations. Please just email Jakob if you are having issues creating a new version of this page. This block includes step by step instructions, and should be deleted after you create the duplicate page and have completed these customizations.

  1. Duplicate this page in Squarespace, and give it a new name
  2. Click the gear icon to edit the page. You'll change the following:
  3. Basic Tab, Navigation Title: Set this to "IV - Podcast" where "Podcast" is the name of the podcast. This value is only visble to admins.
  4. Basic Tab, Page Title: Set to the page title. "Welcome X Listeners" is the default
  5. Basic Tab, URL Slug: Set as you want
  6. Media Tab, Image: Click Remove and Upload a new Artwork. If you do not have appropriate artwork for the podcast, contact Jakob and he'll take care of this w/ his Getty account.
  7. Advanced Tab: Ensure the <meta> tag exists
  8. Place the newly created page into the "Landing Pages" folder. Squarespace kinda sucks at organization, so I use these folders to stay organized. This folder is specifically set up not to be seen by search engines.
  9. Edit the new landing page:
  10. Change the podcast artwork in the Intro section and make copy changes
  11. In the main section, in the Call to Action area, change the utm_source parameter of all URLs to "iv-slug" where "slug" is the URL slug you created for listeners

Again, don't hesitate to reach out to Jakob if you need to make changes or things aren't clear.

Jakob Heuser

Jakob Heuser

Hey, thanks for listening and taking the time to follow the link from the podcast. I'm on a mission to help every engineer at every company love lifelong learning.

Whether it's the concept of human-centered instruction, how we create our next leaders through training, building offsites that people actually want to attend, or something else entirely, I'm glad you're here.

I've put together the resources we talked about down below. Book some time to chat, and let's make your training program a competitive advantage.


It's Time to Develop Your Team

I've been helping engineering organizations make talent a number one priority for over a decade. If you're ready to build out or amp up your Learning & Development efforts, get in touch.

Jakob Teaching

Start Small With HCN

Human-centered instruction is the method I use to build better instruction. It puts the learner first and can make a huge difference in your training, workshops, and offsites.

Temperature Check

Take the free L&D assessment I built for listeners based on the same questions I ask clients to discover their strengths. It'll take you about the time it takes to go get your next cup of coffee.